Calling all Rideshare Drivers

Easy to make extra money with Travel Ads

The best features in our modern mobile devices


No more buffering: create, style and enjoy. The UI – user interface – was built on React the most efficient JavaScript library. We guarantee you’ll love the difference in speed and performance that TAP comes with.

Let’s not get technical! TAP mobile devices are WiFi enabled all Ads are updated daily. our mobile devices are linked to our central servers. all you have to do is place them in your vehicles and get paid

Learn How to Improve Your Personal Business

TAP mobile devices are built with Android Technology. Very easy to place in your vehicles and comes in 7″ or 9.1″ screens

Streamline your income

with the TAP mobile kiosk they are programmed for each individual driver. Be different from the rest. 

Become a Travel Pro Today

to sign up please click on sign up today and fill out our easy application. get approved and start making money today! 

Focus Destinations

Every traveler has a destination. Why not make it easy to find hot spots with TAP


TAP has maps built in so the users can find their destination that much easier.

Smartwatch Ready

TAP has been designed to work with all smart watches

Perfect On Mobiles

TAP comes with a mobile app so users can download on their smartphones. 

Have any questions?

+1 631-716-5101

Open Mon – Fri

8:00am – 8:00pm

Need some help?

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